Mediation uses a neutral third party “mediator” to facilitate communication to reach resolution of substantive disputes and aid in reconciling relationships and differences. Mediation is usually required by family law courts to attempt to settle the dispute by agreement instead of resorting to litigation which takes the court’s often already thinly stretched time and resources.

Christian mediation seeks Christ’s presence, authority, and work in the hearts of the parties and in the mediation procedure. A Christian mediator may pray, read scripture, teach and counsel based on biblical principles, and ask the parties to put those principles into practice in the situation, especially through truthful, loving speech, repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation for relationship issues and then brain storming, problem solving, negotiation, and love conflict resolution on substantive issues.

Litigation will often be proceeding simultaneously with mediation or Christian mediation. While litigation often is not helpful in solving relationship problems, partly successful Christian mediation can help the problems work toward problem-solving methods that do encourage resolution and restoration.

Roy Huddle is a Christian peacemaker and mediator who seeks to serve Christians and anyone willing to try these methods for resolving their disputes with little or no intervention from the courts. Please contact me to discuss my serving you as a mediator.

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