I am a Christian family law attorney and peacemaker. I provide consultations, coaching, mediation, collaborative law services, and legal representation. Services provided include:

Biblical counsel and coaching for couples. Not a licensed counselor. Fee is on a case by case basis, but no more than $85.00 per hour.

Consultations on any matter related to your family, including available resources with me and with others, legal issues, and resolution options. $85.00 per hour

Mediation for family disputes and family law cases. Mediation can be done without any case involved, or before a case, at the beginning of a case, or during a case, such as a divorce of other family law related case.

Collaborative law services. Collaborative law is team approach to settlement for the whole case, and generally involves a collaborative lawyer for each party joined by a neutral financial planner and a neutral mental health professional. The team helps you through a negotiated, voluntary settlement process using joint and individual meetings as necessary to accomplish resolution or settlement.

Legal representation. Provide legal representation from a Christian foundation in divorce, modification, child custody, and related matters.

Document preparation and review and case coaching for family law matters and cases without becoming your attorney of record. This is generally referred to as “limited scope representation,” and I also call it “pro se help,” because litigants who represent themselves are “pro se.” These services can also be combined with limited scope representation in court.

My planned fees for 2018 are $85.00 per hour for consultations, general communication, and document related services, and $160.00 per hour for mediation, collaborative law services, and litigation.

More information on each of these services is provided on other pages of this website.

Please contact me directly at 832-250-1248 to discuss how I can serve you, or email me, or review areas of interest on my website.

I hope to have the opportunity to serve you.

Roy Huddle

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