Roy Huddle desires to provide each client with:

* biblical counsel about your situation and resources for the biblical principles and processes to solve problems and help relationships

* an accurate and truthful evaluation of your case with regard to the law, generally and specifically, relationship issues, and financial considerations

* the information you need to make informed and hopefully wise decisions throughout your family law case

* effective advocacy for reasonable and worthwhile goals

Family law problems generally start with conflict that breaks down relationships and communication. Using Biblical principles, counseling, and coaching, Roy Huddle encourages the client to examine how he or she can make changes that will help communication, increase the ability of the parties to reach an agreement to resolve the conflict, and may help restore relationships. Resolving conflict through such communication-restoring, relationship-reconciling methods is extremely satisfying and yields great benefit to the individuals and families.

Even in the cases where there is little or no apparent opportunity to utilize the tools stated above, it makes a difference. If nothing else, trusting God and practicing faithfulness through the fruits of the Spirit throughout the case can help the case be better. We don’t know the end of the story in families, but through it, we can trust God and build our relationship with Him.

Litigation is the last-resort method for resolving a dispute. There are few, real, long-term winners in most family law litigation cases. A win in court, especially done badly, can cause relational damage and ongoing costs to the person, finances, and relationships for years to come. Therefore, even when litigating, Roy Huddle seeks to help prevent those kind of damages through coaching and being an example of Christian love, humility, and forgiveness.

Litigation is also very demanding. When litigation is necessary, Roy Huddle and the client work as a team to prepare, practice, and pray for the desired outcome. Roy Huddle recommends and encourages the use of any resource that will help achieve your legitimate goals.

When providing mediation, conflict coaching, and conciliation services, Roy Huddle provides problem-solving and relationship-wise approaches as a third-party neutral, helping people reach agreements through biblical communication processes, peacemaking principles, evaluation, brain-storming, and negotiation.

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